GOC is based on ERC2.0 block chain technology, creating the world's first decentralized digital gain platform, borderless chain and chain mechanism, using the DPOS consensus achieved by multiple super node force distribution, the world's investors can participate in the work force of the project investment, and introduced the corresponding incentive mechanism to promote the market consensus, GOC project system is divided into independent and chain, calculate the force mining, applied mall, super node and the chain alliance, enterprises linkage, lightning contracts, global payments and store the design of the wallet, the function such as ecological circulation, is a complete block chain distributed platforms, Encryption platform has a dual currency system, primary tokens GOC, respectively, issued by the ETH, regulation and endorsement, run by intelligent agreement, so the user can complete tokens stored in GOC program and calculate financial demand, and GOC platform within all ecological conform to block the development logic of chain, for the user to create a new experience of digital economy. GOC BlockChain is based on the underlying technology to build a block chain and chain, to the rights and interests of enterprises and individuals to provide value to issue, by decentralized structure, make the ecological economic reality chain connected blocks to build applications, and chain implementation of cypress wood; direct conversion of economic value, let all the lovers of digital currency can be involved in the pass card of ecological construction, and achieve the purpose of profit, the GOC will provide an open network for all people the freedom to choose, and chain of the underlying technology take the building all through the chain on powerful transaction throughput and safe storage environment, the ecological of cypress wood; All card developers and card enthusiasts can effectively participate in the construction of the public chain system.