China Medical University Health + blockchain, CMC100 will soon be online LOEX
date: 2020-09-09 00:00:00

The 21st century is a new era for everyone to pursue and enjoy health. Guomedong is a super ecological platform of blockchain + great health supply chain. It is a typical case of the application of blockchain fusion that General Secretary Xi specifically mentioned in his speech on blockchain.
The Blockchain platform has created the Chinese Medicine Chain to provide digital encryption of production information, timestamp and printing, distributed accounting, logistics payment and settlement, intelligent contract value incentive and other services for the blockchain integration of big health super ecological platform. Thus, the intermediate cost of credit investigation service, marketing service and storage service in the supply chain of big health products can be significantly reduced, and all the costs in the production, circulation and consumption process of health products industry can be reduced. Thus greatly reducing the sale price of great health goods. The dividends from the blockchain integration of the big health industry applications will be returned to consumers, responding to the call of the CPC Central Committee, and making the blockchain technology serve the people.

Project introduction

Chinese Medicine Chain (CMC) is an open source public health industry Chain sponsored by pan-Pacific Digital Wealth Foundation, a non-profit organization registered in Singapore. China National Medical Chain innovatively develops the DDPoS consensus mechanism for big health product consumption weighted by big data, adopts the optimized algorithm to balance the contradictory requirements of complete decentralization, high rationality and high security, and has the practicality of block chain fusion application. CMC is a vertical application chain of the big health industry, a blockchain technology platform that effectively matches the real application of big health products, which guarantees the production, circulation and consumption of the big health products, and provides wings for the integration application of the blockchain in the big health industry.
Guofe is the quality tracking service system of high quality and true big health products, the innovative production and marketing channel of high quality and true big health products, the profit-sharing currency of the distribution profit of block chain health products, and the virtual currency project with strong application.
We have innovatively proposed to construct a Blockchain (CMC) of Chinese medicine for the fidelity transmission of quality information of big Health products. It is the blockchain that supports the production, packaging, logistics, distribution pipeline and value incentive system of high-quality and healthy products built by blockchain technology, and provides digital encryption of production information, timestamp printing, distributed accounting, payment and settlement and other functions for high-quality and healthy products.
Ecological applications
There are two "malignant tumors" in the health product market. One is fake and inferior products, and the other is false propaganda. Due to the high profit of health food, some criminals take the risk and make and sell fake products in various ways, which seriously damage the health of consumers. But in the process of law enforcement, due to the difficulty of obtaining evidence, the road of supervision is very tortuous.
At present, the means of health products marketing are mostly to fight "guerrilla", "will sell" without any product "figure", are the spot order payment, then deliver to the door, there is no transaction evidence; Businessmen spare no effort to exaggerate false, with obvious fraud tendency to carry out propaganda, but the elderly are eager to rush, the two situations in parallel, often make the health care product industry rights and regulations into a "black hole".
Guoyitong blockchain ecological platform is aimed at the pain point of the big health industry, to improve the production, circulation and consumption of the real management of the big health products as the starting point, promote the block chain application technology of one product, one code, one certificate, to protect the big health products, for the big health products to rebuild the market reputation.
The implementation application of CMS, the health commodity distribution side chain certified by blockchain health products, will be focused on: the e-commerce platform of blockchain health products, B2B wholesale platform and B2C direct marketing platform. In the content positioning of the distribution of quality health products, the distribution of health products certified by local and regional brands will be promoted. And focus on promoting the cross-regional market expansion of quality and healthy products.
Ecological characteristics:
The block chain's subversive transformation and the efficient reconstruction of the value system faced by the big health industry
L back
Rely on data, data to centralize the organization's collection, statistics, presentation
L really really
It relies on contracts, contracts rely on offline negotiations and centralised institutional justice systems
L trading
Payments are made in money, which requires a centralized banking system
L distribution
Rely on centralized agency guarantee, data transmission or logistics
Through the value
Yexong platform is the block chain digital asset auction and trading platform of Shenzhen Cultural Exchange. After strict application qualification review, project feasibility review and 10.2 billion yuan guarantee assets review by SHENZHEN Institute of Culture and Technology, the project of Guoyintong was successfully auctioned on the Platform on August 30, 2019. The item was named As Chinese Medicine Token (CMT).
Guomitong is a blockchain health supply chain super ecological platform. Its application of ecological pass certificate is Ruyi Cloud - Ganoderma Lucidum version of The CMT, the standard national drug Changbaishan wild Ganoderma powder. Ancient medical experts regard Ganoderma lucidum as a nourishing, strengthening and life-prolonging miracle treasure.
CMT is a rare digital asset legally issued in mainland China. It is a digital certificate of the Sinomedong platform and a part of the global Sinomedong Chain (CMC) operating in mainland China. There is a one-to-one correspondence between CMT and CMC issued by the global Medical chain. CMC, like CMT, will become a scarce ecological currency with asset guarantee, backed by state-owned platform credit and circulation.
China Medical Chain issued 4 billion Chinese Medicine Coin100 (CMC100). Among them, there are 1 billion CMTTS of Ruyi Cloud Platone compliant in the Chinese mainland market, and CMT corresponds to CMC100 1:1.
The logo of TCM coin is a positive M plus two face to face C at the bottom, which looks like a cat and is nicknamed as the cat coin by fans. The cat coin is the national medical coin, namely CMC100, which is a rare application coin for the vertical industry of great health backed by the government and guaranteed by real assets.
In order to meet the comprehensive trading needs of customers, LOEX International Exchange will soon launch the CMC100 project.

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