Luo Fei on currency: 11.7BTC Bitcoin oscillating to break the long-short game to seize the opportunity
date: 2020-08-21 00:00:00

In the face of financial markets, when some people are flush with cash, it is only natural that some people lose all their money. This is the so-called 80-20 law in the market. If you want to be a successful investor, you need to reflect on your shortcomings and learn modestly. At the same time, you need the help of a good teacher (Vx: PFafO25470), so that you can make continuous progress and enter the hall of success. Mind should be to purify the mind, investment should be to look far with the eye. The way of sound investment, do not want to get rich overnight, accumulate small win for big win, is the right investment mentality. The ancients said: a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Although the sea is vast, it is also composed of countless small drops of water.

Market analysis:

Technical indicators, BTC has always been kept in the Operation of The Brin channel, yesterday hit the upper orbit position resistance and fell back, out of 3 consecutive Yin trend, the current price slightly recovered under pressure in the 5 average position. MACD runs above axis 0, with a relatively gentle trend, while RSI and Stcoh run in shock at the level of 50. Long short of both sides of the battle is expected to be difficult to give results in the short term, the price of the pattern of shock is still will continue. It is recommended to maintain high selling and low suction within the range within the operation within the day, with the upper focus on 9400-9500 position suppression, and the lower focus on 9270-9150 position support. Multiple orders can be placed near 9150, and empty orders can be placed near 9400. The specific operation is based on the actual warehouse layout, and the strategy is for reference only.

Operation Suggestions:

1. It is suggested to approach the empty orders at 9400-9500, near the target 9200, and focus on the pressure level above 9500.

2. It is suggested to hit the multi-entry approach near 9150 and the target near 9350, focusing on the support level below 9100.

Before you succeed, you will meet many people who laugh at you. Before you succeed, many people disdain to understand you, especially your inner feelings. What people care most is whether you have made money in the stock market. If you have not made money for a while, it is easy to be laughed at.