Visit the country's first "Blockchain + Big Data + Education" project: What happens when education meets blockchain?
date: 2020-06-11 00:00:00

Currently, the integration of blockchain technology and finance and other fields is relatively common, while langfang can be regarded as the "first step" in the application of education.
Last October, the beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Education Blockchain pilot Zone was officially launched in Langfang Development Zone, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Big Data Innovation Industrial Park. This is the country's first big data education blockchain pilot zone, which will use technological means to promote the deep integration of blockchain technology with cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies. Langfang education data monitoring platform project, which passed the acceptance recently, is an important application of education blockchain products.
Technicians input data for the system platform in the newly-built exhibition room of educational data monitoring platform in Langfang city, East China's Gansu Province, Nov. 12, 2018. This platform carries the functions of collecting, monitoring and analyzing educational data, monitoring the balanced development of compulsory education quality, evaluating the comprehensive quality of basic education and monitoring the quality of basic education.
"Information technology, as a disruptive force, is changing and reshaping the landscape of all industries. As a priority, education must follow the trend of the digital age and the digital revolution, make good use of information technology, and put education on the track of modern development, making it the source and driving force of talent cultivation and scientific and technological innovation. Dr. Xu Hongwei, chief inspector of Langfang Municipal Government, said that from big cities to remote villages, information technology has been widely used in the field of education. The emergence of block chain technology has created a good opportunity to promote the advancement of education technology to intelligence.
On the langfang Education data monitoring platform, part of the education data of all counties (cities and districts) in the city has been loaded into it. The author opened the column of "Overview of Government Security Level" in the balanced analysis of education quality, and an intuitive bar chart clearly depicts the compliance of 15 assessment items of each county (city, district) in 2019. "Is it inadequate teaching staff, inadequate building, or too many classes? It's easy to see what's wrong with which school, and it automatically makes comparisons." Xu hongwei said.
"We attach great importance to the development of education, but there has been no precise basis in the past for how to invest precisely and scientifically promote the high-quality and balanced development of education in different regions, and there are often repeated investments." Xu hongwei said that with the help of blockchain technology, the monitoring platform can store real records of the planning layout, class size, teacher training and other monitoring items of schools in different regions in real time, and automatically analyze them through big data, so as to find the weak links and improve the future work with a specific aim.
In the block chain platform of Langfang education data monitoring platform, open the "Education Certification Information" module, a virtual teacher named "Li Zhao" personal information is presented, including the name, nationality, employment form, working years, professional and technical position specific information.
Different from the general system, the teacher's information has been "linked up". Based on the characteristics of the block chain technology, the detailed record of the information changes can be clearly seen. "You see, any 'link up' information on the blockchain, such as this teacher, date of birth, political status, teacher qualification changes, we can find the exact date of change and the operator." Xu hongwei said.
In the field of education, the database is sometimes attacked, or the data is tampered or even lost due to hardware and software failure or the system administrator's intentional or unintentional operation, which threatens personal privacy and the security of the data and makes the relevant government departments unable to grasp the real information. "The blockchain is characterized by transparency, retention and non-tampering of data." Langfang city bureau of education education data monitoring platform for the technical support of party, tsinghua university, tsinghua university - Qingdao big data engineering research center of the Internet of things well block chain lab director wu said, at present our country itself is still in the stage of transition from education technology to the education informationization, let AI products, super computing and big data technology into the field of education, to promote education quality improvement.
"Form an objective and comprehensive evaluation of the growth process of children, and make accurate portraits"

-- "Big data" promotes the transformation of educational evaluation system

The Beijing-Tianjing-Hebei Big Data Education Blockchain pilot Zone, launched in October last year, was jointly launched by the education departments of Beijing Tongzhou District, Tianjin Wuqing District and Langfang, together with the China Language intelligence Research Center, The National Supercomputing Tianjin Center, Runze Big Data Company and Tianwen Digital Media Technology Co., LTD. After the establishment of the pilot zone, the education departments of the three places will set up a big data platform to collect and record the learning and growth track data of students and establish their personal learning and growth files, so as to leave the most basic data for the establishment of integrity education and integrity society.
On the langfang education data monitoring platform, open the personal information of xx student in a school, and list in detail the performance of each weekly test of the student's Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects in the third year of high school. Based on the score statistics, a conclusion is automatically analyzed: the student's advantage subjects are Chinese, mathematics and English, while his disadvantage subjects are geography and chemistry.
"We make full use of the marks and non-tampering features of blockchain technology to establish a growth file for every child from the stage of basic education. After the child finishes all the courses in the stage of basic education, we can make use of the education statistics system to form an objective and comprehensive evaluation of the child's growth process for accurate portrait." These assessments include not only academic performance, but also moral education, health, strengths, integrity and psychological development, Xu said.
In the process of China's educational development, both students and their parents are faced with a dilemma: once a test is set for life, universities often rely on college entrance examination scores to admit students. In the future, the construction of education block chain will reshape the education evaluation system and change the past single situation of educational content evaluation.
Since the second half of 2017, langfang Education Bureau has been developing an education quality monitoring system in conjunction with Runze Big Data Center, drawing on the model of PISA. "The quantitative measurement data of morality, intelligence, physical education, aesthetics and labor can be accurately analyzed in the system to provide Suggestions for students' ability cultivation." Xu Hongwei told the author that in the future, colleges and universities in the college entrance examination admission, according to the comprehensive evaluation report of students' education, the precise setting of majors, students into the most suitable major.
"Currently, China's educational informatization is plagued by problems that need to be solved urgently, such as array and data island, etc. Blockchain technology will bring greater imagination space to education." Beijing-tianjin-hebei big data education experimental zone for the construction of the unit block chain number of day smell media technology co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors to Jiang Jieshao, education in langfang start of beijing-tianjin-hebei large data block chain in the construction of experimental area, will be in beijing-tianjin-hebei education grade group as the unit, set up 12 blocks, the principal, teachers and students are belong to within the respective blocks, at the same time the various sections and connect to each other.
Under the current education system, there are still barriers for different regions to share educational resources. "For example, teachers' original creations are not easily protected by intellectual property rights, and they have little incentive to share them." Xu Hongwei said that the use of blockchain technology, can solve this problem, as long as the teacher's original work "on the chain", can leave a permanent mark, guarantee the copyright, anyone must pay to use.
"The transparency and non-tampering of data of the blockchain system are fully applicable to student credit management, further education and employment, qualification certification, industry-university cooperation and other aspects, which are of great value to the healthy development of education and employment." Xu Hongwei said, block chain technology application value and ideas on education is mainly embodied in the individual learning letter big data, building intelligent education platform taobao, development degree system, establish a new ecological open education resources, realize the self organization operation and development of the network learning community decentralized in areas such as education system, through the block chain technology in the transformation of education evaluation system at the same time, helping construction of social credit system.