High altitude and low price range is the mainstream
date: 2020-10-07 00:00:00
Learn to dance according to the wind on windy days and hold up an umbrella when it rains. Shock is the time to learn to wait patiently, unilateral time to learn to be bold and careful, life has expectations, there will be unexpected joy. You should have courage to bow down, have confidence to raise your head, and have backbone at ordinary times. The more you gain, the more gentle you will be. You will not get angry at a little loss, nor become angry and negative because of others' negation. Good growth is to make people become more and more gentle. Although ability will determine what can be obtained, but the pattern will determine where we can finally go.

Market analysis: at the 4-hour level, the K-line shows that the current BTC market trend is ready for shock, and the ma30 moving average is gradually moving upward. Ma30, as the support point of the current price band, is still effective. The position below can be placed at $9100 to attract money. I expect that in the short term, it will fluctuate between $9000 and $9500, short-term players can sell high and suck low, and mid-term and long-term players can attract money around $9000, and then absorb and enter in batches again! Specific disk operations can be found in their own access.