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Visit the country's first "Blockchain + Big Data + Education" project: What happens when education meets blockchain?
Currently, the integration of blockchain technology and finance and other fields is relatively common, while langfang can be regarded as the "first step" in the application of education.
Research progress of key technologies of blockchain
Blockchain is a kind of accounting technology that is jointly maintained by multiple parties, USES cryptography to ensure the security of transmission and access, and is able to achieve consistent data storage, difficult to tamper with, and prevent denial. Also known as distributed ledger technology. Blockchain technology provides new solutions to trust, security and efficiency problems in the Internet, and also brings new opportunities and challenges to the development of finance and other industries. In order to cope with the opportunities and challenges brought by blockchain technology, the industry and academia have carried out exploration and theoretical research on the application of blockchain technology, which provides a strong driving force for further promoting the integration of blockchain technology and practical business. At the same time, in recent years, the development of blockchain technology and the trend of policy supervision are increasingly obvious, which also prov
Blockchain research: where is the road of digital currency?
On December 1, we were invited to attend the first financial technology summit 2019 in Beijing. As we pointed out in our report "blockchain and digital currency: how technology reshapes financial infrastructure", blockchain is expected to have an important impact on the financial industry, and blockchain and digital currency have become important topics of this summit. In the theme dialogue session of "blockchain and digital currency", we had an exchange and discussion with Guo Weimin, chief scientist of Bank of China, Zou Chuanwei, chief economist of Wanxiang blockchain, and other guests on the gains and losses of bitcoin, the gains and losses of Libra, and the possible launch path of the central bank's digital currency.
When the digital currency is no longer the end, the blockchain is reborn
When the digital currency is no longer the end, the blockchain begins to revive. After the continuous shuffle and baptism, the blockchain industry begins to show signs of getting on the right track. The big men in the currency circle, which once advocated currency issuance, ICO and trading, began to disappear gradually, and the blockchain began to return to the state it should belong to as a technology. At the same time, the legal digital currency DCEP at the national level has gradually come into people's view. Recently, there has been news that DCEP is still a pilot. Blockchain, once an extremely chaotic industry, has been on the right track step by step, and the era of fanatical and savage growth has gradually gone away from us.
Three future plans of Libra: blockchain, association and reserve
Nine months have passed since Libra released its first white paper. During this period, Libra has had many useful discussions with global regulators, central bankers, government agencies, and various stakeholders to determine the best way to combine blockchain technology with regulatory frameworks. In addition, Libra participated in the G7 dialogue on the stable currency report and had constructive exchanges with international stakeholders, including the financial stability board, the world bank, the International Monetary Fund, the bank for International Settlements, the Inter American Development Bank, the world economic forum, and central banks and financial system authorities around the world.