About us
GOC project introduction
Robin quantification blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. is the founding company of GOC project, with its headquarters in the United States (address: )GOC is based on eth3.0 blockchain technology to build the world's first decentralized borderless digital gain platform. The public chain uses dposs consensus mechanism to realize the distribution of computing power through multiple super nodes, so that global investors can participate in the projects of computing power investment, and introduce corresponding incentive mechanism to promote market consensus GOC project system is divided into independent public chain, computing power mining, application mall, super node, ten thousand chain alliance, currency enterprise linkage, lightning contract, global payment, storage wallet, ecological circulation and other functions. It is a complete distributed platform of blockchain. There are double encrypted currency systems in the platform, which are the original token GOC, issued through eth, with supervision and endorsement, It is run by intelligent protocol, so users can meet the needs of token storage and computing power financing in GOC project, and all ecology in GOC platform conforms to the development logic of blockchain, creating a new digital economic experience for users.
Our future
In the future, Robin quantitative blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. aims to be listed on NASDAQ in the United States in 2-3 years, to become the most influential consumer payment platform in the world, and to create a new business platform for win-win sharing, which will lead a new era of consumer economy. The future has come and is irresistible! In today's Internet era, your future does not depend on your efforts, but on your choice and persistence, sharing and win-win situation! Robin quantification blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., with altruistic heart, creates an international win-win platform, which is trustworthy! This is a good cause for the country and the people! A safe and safe, value-added gold investment! Today, Robin quantitative blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. has never stopped exploring and expanding its own boundaries. It is growing into a giant aircraft carrier of international entities + financial industry, riding the wind and waves and sailing far away! Robin quantification blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., ordinary people become great!
Digital currency
International technology development team
GOC technology comes from the U.S. blockchain technology center, the U.S. coolstone technology team, has a professional operation team, promotion team, market team, strength background, national recognition, and government support.
Digital financial management team
GOC project has an international team to help market promotion and external operation. It not only actively disclosed the project dynamics and operation reports, but also used media reports and other ways to build momentum
Project operation structure
International digital asset center; United Nations blockchain foundation; United Nations blockchain Technology Research Institute; United Nations international community education foundation
Cooperative organization
The United Nations blockchain Technology Research Institute is a technical cooperation organization; the United Nations international community education foundation is a community education cooperation organization; and the United Nations block chain foundation is a financial cooperation organization